Home Maintenance

What is a Soffit and How Do I Clean It?

soffit cleaning

The word soffit comes from French and means ‘something fixed underneath’. And that’s exactly where they are; tucked away underneath your fascia. If you look up at your house from the ground, you’ll be able to see them. So now you know what they are, we’d like to give you some advice on soffit cleaning.…

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8 Types of Ivy and What They Mean for Your Home

ivy types

With the current situation in the UK and across many countries in the world, we are stuck at home with an endless list of things we want to learn or tasks we want to complete. You may be fortunate enough to have a garden, and even more fortunate (or unfortunate depending on your situation) to…

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How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

clean gutters

Gutters are often something we ignore when it comes to household maintenance. They’re hidden up, far away from our eye line and so are often forgotten about (whether that’s accident or intentionally). But how often should you clean your gutters? Why is it important to clean your gutters? Clean gutters enable collected rainwater to flow…

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Wood vs PVC Fascia: Which is Best?

Fascia cleaning

If the exterior of your home is due an upgrade, you may be considering replacing your fascia to improve the overall appearance. Many homes have had more traditional wood fascia replaced with PVC fascia, a very popular alternative. Wood is a natural fibre, whereas PVC is a durable plastic material that is now commonly used to manufacture windows and…

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7 Cleaning Jobs To Get Done Whilst At Home

cleaning jobs whilst at home

In this time of uncertainty, we firstly wanted to take this opportunity to send our love and wish you well. We hope you’re safe and healthy and are sending you a speedy recovery if you’re not. It definitely feels odd to be spending so much time at home. We have time like never before! So,…

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Home Repairs That Should Be Tackled Immediately

home repairs

We’ve all been guilty of turning a blind eye to an odd job that needs doing in our homes, hoping that it’ll disappear. However, there are some home repairs that just can’t be left. These jobs double, triple, even quadruple in the scale and price of repair if they’re not dealt with as soon as…

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Professional vs DIY External Home Repairs: Whist is best?

home repairs

When things need patching up or fixing at home it can sometimes be tough deciding whether you should tackle the job yourself or call in some help for professional home repairs. Well, here are a few things to consider when weighing up which tasks are DIY home repairs and when you should just kick back, relax and leave…

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Top Ten Most Common Roof Problems and What to do About Them


Your roof acts as vital protection for your home from the outside elements. Whether it be wind, rain, animals or insects, it’s important to ensure your roof is maintained and in good condition to stop anything that shouldn’t be inside from getting in. There are many common roof problems that occur, so we’ve shortlisted these with…

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Removing Mould Growth in Wooden Soffits


The wooden soffits on our homes serve multiple functions. Not only do they add to the overall structure and appearance of your home, they also protect your attic from the rain, help to regulate ventilation in your attic space and prevent birds, bats, rodents and insects entering. However, if you suspect mould growth on your wooden soffits,…

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Find a Gutter Cleaning Company for My Business

We know that finding a reputable gutter cleaning company for your business can be difficult. The internet is amazing, but when I just typed ‘commercial gutter cleaning’ into google, 22.5 million results came up! You may be lucky enough know a small or local business gutter cleaner, but in case you don’t we have some tips and tricks to narrow it…

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