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We know that finding a reputable gutter cleaning company for your business can be difficult. The internet is amazing, but when I just typed ‘commercial gutter cleaning’ into google, 22.5 million results came up! You may be lucky enough know a small or local business gutter cleaner, but in case you don’t we have some tips and tricks to narrow it down. 


Now this might sound like an obvious point but if searching for a company on the internet, double check that they are based a reasonable distance from where you and that they service your postcode. 

Ask specific questions about their services- are they actually a gutter cleaning company?

A great and trusted gutter cleaning company will know their stuff and have the right equipment to get the job done. Some tradesmen will try to cut corners by using tools that complete the job more quickly, but this is usually at the detriment of efficiency. Be wary of companies that use power poles to clean gutters. Often, they’ll say cleaning with a power pole reduces the health and safety risk, but cleaning from the ground means the person carrying out the job can’t see into the gutter whilst cleaning, increasing the chance that any issues or blockages in the gutter will be left unnoticed.  

You also want to ensure that the gutter cleaning company you’re hiring offer gutter cleaning as part of their expertise, not as a side job (e.g. a company that installs window will usually do a quick gutter clean before installation). 

Lastly, we’d ask how long they expect the clean to take and how many people they’ll have working on the job at one time. More often than not, if it’s going to take they an extremely long time, or they have loads of people working on the job, this can be an indication that their task force isn’t hugely experienced as well as the fact that you may pay more for the job to be done. 

Check out gutter cleaning reviews and testimonials  

If you find a company you like the sound of, check online for reviews and testimonials of previous jobs. You can use trusted sites such as ‘Check A Trade’ who provide a rating as well as reviews. On the other hand, you can ask a company directly for photos or videos of jobs previously carried out, which should help to give you confidence in their ability.  

Good customer service 

It’s easy to get quotes and book these kinds of services online, however it can be great to give a few companies a call before confirming. This way you can get a feel for who’ll be working on your gutters, and can usually give you an indication into the service you’ll receive from start to finish. 

Are they insured? 

Gutter cleaning involves working at height which significantly increases the health and safety risk. As well as being qualified, you want to ensure that the company cover insurance for the tradesman that will carry out the clean. You’d hope they’re confident and experienced enough to avoid an accident, but these things happen from time to time and you want to be confident that you won’t be liable if anything was to happen. 

We specialise in both domestic and commercial gutter cleaning at ProClean so feel free to get in touch for a quote!

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