Home Repairs That Should Be Tackled Immediately

home repairs

We’ve all been guilty of turning a blind eye to an odd job that needs doing in our homes, hoping that it’ll disappear. However, there are some home repairs that just can’t be left. These jobs double, triple, even quadruple in the scale and price of repair if they’re not dealt with as soon as possible. We’ve shortlisted these seemingly small issues so you can capture and resolve before they snowball into much bigger problems! 

Clogged gutters 

Your gutters serve a vital function in keeping the structure of your home safe. They are intended to collect water that flows down your roof and lead it safely into a drain, ensuring that your walls stay dry and free of mould and mildew. A blocked gutter that overflows can also lead to flooding into basements. It’s inevitable that with wind and rain comes leaves and debris, which undoubtedly get caught in gutters. It’s therefore important to clean your gutters often (around twice a year) to ensure there’s no build up.  


Water spots on walls or ceiling 

Do not ignore! You’ve got a leak of some kind, either from an internal pipe or from water seeping in from outside. Either way, if left this will grow, meaning you’ll need to repair, replace or re-paint the area. Mould is also a huge risk here. To figure out if the leak is a plumbing issue or an external leak, track if it’s constant or weather dependent. If it’s always there it’s likely to be a plumbing issue, however if it shows up or gets worse after rain then you have a leaky roof or wall- sorry! We recommend calling in a plumber to help fix the issue, however you can cut a hole in the plaster or dry wall at the water spot and inspect any pipes that may need repairing. If the leak is external it may be slightly trickier to find but the usual suspects are windows, vents or pipes. 


If you have termites, you need to act fast! You want to catch these before they cause the need for a home repair. They can cause serious structural damage to your home and need to be dealt with immediately. Call an exterminator- now! If you’re unsure if you have termites, look out for flying termites or white ants. Also if doors and windows are hard to close. Finally, listen out for a clicking sound coming from your walls.

Leaky tap 

The most annoying non-repaired home repair. Drip. Drip. Fix it- now! And no, pushing the tap down or turning it tighter will not fix the leak. In fact, it can do more damage, and the water wastage is huge. You can call in the help of a plumber to repair the tap, but if you want to do this yourself it’s usually just a case of taking the tap apart and replacing the washers and o-rings. Just make sure you check the brand of your tap so you buy the right parts. 

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