7 Cleaning Jobs To Get Done Whilst At Home

cleaning jobs whilst at home

In this time of uncertainty, we firstly wanted to take this opportunity to send our love and wish you well. We hope you’re safe and healthy and are sending you a speedy recovery if you’re not. It definitely feels odd to be spending so much time at home. We have time like never before! So, we’ve curated a list of 7 jobs in and around the house that you would usually have time to focus on. Not only will your house be sparkling clean, there’s something strangely relaxing about methodically scrubbing or clearing, do you agree? They say a tidy house means a tidy mind and we couldn’t agree more.

Wash and organise the kitchen cupboards

Who can ever be bothered to actually take all of the contents our of their cupboards to give it a clean before putting everything back? You can! Do it. We recommend cleaning with soapy water or some diluted Zoflora, giving the jars and cans a wipe as you put them back in. Don’t forget the cutlery drawer!

Defrost the freezer

Whilst you’re in the swing of emptying things, tackle the freezer. Turn if off and lay down some newspaper and then towels on top to help prevent the melted ice creating a puddle on the floor. Then remove the frozen food and any drawers from your freezer, ideally storing the food in a cool box or a cool place in your house. Next leave the freezer door open and leave to defrost, cleaning the shelves as the ice clears.

Weed your garden

If you’re fortunate enough to have some outdoor space, why not spend some time getting rid of those wretched weeds you’ve been stepping over all year. We recommend using a weed killer alongside removing to prevent them returning.

Descale the kettle

I don’t know about you, but we’re drinking about 25 cups of tea now we’re at home all of the time. If you’re the same, your kettle probably needs some love. Whether you buy a ready made kettle descaler or create your own concoction with lemon and vinegar this can be done overnight so not to affect your tea drinking hours.

Wash the curtains

Most curtains can be washed on a cool, gentle was in your machine. If not, give them a hand wash in warm water with washing detergent. This will give your room a new lease of life, as well as having it smelling divine.

Vacuum your sofa

Take off all the cushions on your sofa and use your vacuum nozzle to get into those deep dark corners. You’ll be amazed what you find down there!

Clear out your wardrobe

Spring is upon us and there’s no better time to clear out what we no longer need. This then allows us to make space for what’s important. Take some inspiration from the organisation queen Marie Kondo, gradually working through your clothes and segmenting into piles to keep, move to the attic for alternate seasons and to give to charity.

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