Top Roof Cleaning Myths You Might Not Know

roof cleaning myths

FACT: roofs get dirty. They’re the first part of your home to be hit by fresh falling rain, but it’s common knowledge that moss, lichen and algae can build up and become a bit of an eye-sore. However, many people don’t understand the concept or necessity in having your roof cleaned professionally or the reasons you might need to invest in getting this done. Can a dirty roof really be harmful for your home or can be it ignored? Well, here are five roof cleaning myths you should ignore. 

Roof cleaning myth 1: Roof moss and algae might be ugly, but can be ignored. 

Moss is unapologetic. It thrives in moisture and will multiply without caution on your roof unless it’s addressed and stopped. Whether it’s a thick coat of green algae or larger clusters of black moss, both are not only unsightly, but also enjoy working their way into the shingle and slate that forms roof tiles, creating cracks and holes that absorb the moisture created by the elements. Roof tiles also protect your home from the suns UV rays. However, if damaged this protective quality is eliminated, raising the temperature in your attic and the rest of your home. 

If left alone, moss and algae can cause more severe damage, so to save yourself the stress and a huge expense at a later date, we advise you to get your roof professionally cleaned at the first sight of moss or algae. 

Roof cleaning myth 2: Only dirty or stained tiles need cleaning 

Algae is a tiny microorganism that is present before the human eye can see it. So, if you are cleaning the thick, offensive areas we can guarantee you there are some festering, hidden parts that you should attack at the same time! Cleaning the whole roof is the best way to be certain you’ve got it all. 

Roof cleaning myth 3: You need to replace a roof covered in algae 

Unless there has been significant damage to the tiles, this is completely not true! Some dodgy roofers may try and fool you into this fact, but a professional clean will eliminate all algae and moss. 

Roof cleaning myth 4: I can clean my roof myself 

We are all for a bit of DIY, but there are some jobs that are best left to the professionals. Cleaning a roof not only involves working at great and dangerous heights, but you also need very specific tools, chemicals and equipment to ensure a roof is cleaned properly. So even if you’re feeling brave enough to scale a building, we advise you to call on a professional company to be confident the moss and algae is completely eradicated.  

Roof cleaning myth 5: Professional roof cleaning isn’t worth the money 

Just remember, there are several factors involved in the cost of cleaning a roof: the risk of working at height, operating specific machinery, purchasing particular and effective chemicals etc. Plus, this isn’t just a cosmetic clean, it’s protecting the structure and lifespan of your home! 

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