Gutter Repairs With Gutter Cleaning Can Save You Money

Gutter Repairs

So, you’re thinking about getting your gutter cleaned? Well, we’ve got a little tip for you that could save you some cash. Combining professional gutter cleaning whilst also checking for any needed gutter repairs could save you hundreds of pounds in the long run. Let us explain why…

Most of us are aware (to some degree) that it’s important to ensure our gutters are clean. Leaves and dirt and other residue can cause gutters to get blocked and overflow, causing damage to your home. However, a lot of the time, maintenance and gutter repairs are something that’s over looked. If you’re getting your gutter cleaned, it’s always worth asking your professional cleaner if there are any gutter repairs needed.

The majority of gutter repairs required are minor and can be dealt with there and then with a minimal increased to your bill. At ProClean we can check for any repairs that may be needed as we clean your gutter, fixing as we go. Plus, it means there’s no need to wait around and arrange another visit which is always a bonus. Whether it be holes that need patching up or a loose screw, at ProClean we’ll always aim to repair anything we can right away. This then eliminates the risk of a tiny problem snowballing into a larger, more expensive one.

There may be occasions when a more complex issue arises, in which case you’ll be thankful you got your gutters checked! This may require specific tools and parts to be ordered and therefore might need arranging for another day, but it’s important you schedule this ASAP. Try not to delay booking to carry out the gutter repairs, as this could cause more damage and create more issues which in the long term could cost you more to fix. Unfortunately, ignoring gutter issues will only make matters worse. If rain water isn’t channelled correctly though a gutter and down into a drain, you are at risk of this water entering your home. For example, the rain water could collect and form a damp patch on your wall or even cause flooding if it overflows around windows and doors.

‘When do I get my gutter checked?’ I hear you ask. Well, cleaning and checks should happen as stated by the manufacturer but if you’re not sure reach out to us and we can help. If you suspect your gutter is leaking or overflowing in any way (if it sounds like Niagara Falls is outside your window, now would be a great time) then you should get this checked right away, especially now we’re in the thick of Autumn. Unfortunately, wind and rain aren’t always our gutter’s best friends!

At ProClean we have a team who can safely and efficiently clean and fix any problems that the elements may have thrown at your gutter in a professional and timely manner. So just remember, a gutter that’s clean but needs repairs is still an issue. Don’t ignore that drip, we’re here to help you get it sorted.

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