English Ivy Removal – Why Is It Important?

English Ivy Removal

English Ivy Removal – Why Is It Important?

The owner of a home faces numerous challenges. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Perhaps the most challenging of these is ivy. It can present a significant danger to your property in specific situations and requires you to work quickly to remove it.

But why is it such a problem? Well, that’s something that can be answered by looking at the dangers that this plant can cause and then assessing why it is so important to remove it punctually, so let’s begin.

Ivy – Sneaking into the Cracks

Ivy can be a considerable pain when it is left unchecked. Our instinct is to ignore it – it does not seem harmful, after all. For the most part, this assessment is accurate – Ivy poses little problems to a lot of houses. However, it does have conditions where it can be a threat.

For example, ivy thrives on softer mortar based wall. English ivy in particular flourishes in this environment due to supporting itself with aerial roots. It burrows into cracks and weaker points in the wall and can cause damage to the very structure of the home. However, this is not even the place where it can inflict the most harm. No, that comes from when it attacks the guttering.

Ivy can coil around gutters and wrap tightly. It pushes into the gaps where the drain connects to the walls and begins to disrupt that integrity. It can also serve as a blockage in the gutter, preventing the water from flowing correctly and causing an overflow.

Imagine that during the summer months, the gutter becomes entangled with ivy. It grows into the structure, and you can see it, but think nothing of it. And there will be little effect on you until the next big spell of rain. The water runs down the slopes of the roof as standard to the gutter, but it can not drain away because the ivy blocks the gutter. So the water spills out over the sides, which can potentially cause structural damage or the flooding of your garden.

Is There a Solution?

The apparent response to this attack on your property is to remove the offending article. However, without professional help, this is difficult. The ivy takes root and becomes very challenging to move, having established a firm foothold in your gutter. That’s why we aim to provide you with a solution via a professional ivy removal.

In summary, ivy can be a pain to deal with, and so you should be ruthless in your dealings with it. There is no limit to the amount of damage that can be inflicted upon your property, and so you should ensure that you deal with it promptly. Hiring out a professional service is a good idea because it means that the ivy can not come back. If you allow it time to grow and develop, it can become quite the infestation, so you should be prompt and dispose of it quickly. Get in touch for a free quote for removing the ivy from your walls and gutters.

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