Check Your Gutters Before and After a Storm

Check your gutters before and after storms

Storm damage is probably one of the biggest issues homes and business have to face when it comes to the exterior of their property. We recommend you regularly check your gutters as although one moment you have no worries, the next you can have a major structural problem like missing slates or broken or blocked gutters to contend with.

  • If there’s a big storm brewing, however, there’s quite a lot you can do both before and after the event to mitigate any damage and lower the potential costs of repairs.
  • Keeping your gutters clean and clear, for a start, should ensure that any runoff water ends up in the drain and not damaging your home.

Here is our quick guide to check your gutters the next time the BBC weather team say there’s a big storm on the way.

Check Your Gutters Before the Storm

The first thing to do is have a wander around your property to look for any signs of structural damage. Cracks, sags and breaks in your guttering can often be noticed from the ground.

If you have a ladder and don’t mind getting up to roof level, the other job you need to do is check the gutter bowl itself. Check if there is there anything blocking the natural flow of water such as debris or a growth of moss. Clearing these is important before heavy rain and it’s worth spending some time getting rid of any detritus.

The other area of your guttering to check is that your downpipes aren’t blocked either. Particularly at times like Autumn, when we tend to have the most storms, these can get choked with debris. The easiest way to do this is simply pour some water down the pipe and see if it comes out the other end.

If you have structures like high trees nearby, make a decision on whether these are likely to threaten your roof and guttering, as well as the rest of your home, during a violent storm. Doing a little pruning, cutting away some branches can reduce the potential for damage here.

Check Your Gutter Storm Damage

After the storm has passed, it’s a good idea to check your gutter again just to be sure. Hopefully, your roof and guttering has survived intact and there should be few if any problems.

In high winds and heavy rain, you find all sorts of debris getting in your gutters, including loosened tiles. Remove anything that you find but also check the integrity of your guttering and do any repairs that need to be undertaken.

Call in the ProClean Team

If you don’t want to get up on a ladder to try and reduce the risk of gutter problems, you’re not alone. Most people are not used to working at heights such as these and it makes much more sense to get a professional gutter cleaning and repair team in.

At ProClean, we have the equipment and the qualified staff on board who can help clean your gutters, spot any risks and do minor repairs to make sure you don’t have any problems once that storm comes in.

Regular gutter and roof maintenance is a sensible idea whether there’s a storm on the way or not. Homeowners often forget about the roof and only notice it when something goes wrong like a blocked gutter, loose tile or some other damage. It’s important to get into a habit of doing regular checks and, if you’re worried about an approaching storm, do some preparation work to make sure everything is secure and clean.

ProClean operate across the whole of the South of England and we offer a free quote on our gutter cleaning and repair service. Contact us today if you want to find out more.

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