When Should I Remove Moss From My Roof?

moss covered roof tiles

Roof moss removal is a subject that splits opinions. Does moss damage my roof? Will removing it cause damage? And, when should I remove moss from my roof? These are all questions that we are asked regularly. Here’s what we think…

Does moss damage my roof?

Moss absorbs and retains water, so if there is a lot of moss on your roof, there is also a lot of moisture. Not ideal for a roof. Moss is ultimately a living organism, which needs something to feed on. If left untreated, your roof tiles will become food as the moss begins to eat away at the surface of them.

A huge will be that it will prevent your gutters from always getting clogged up. Ultimately this will save you money on having to keep getting them unblocked, meaning that your gutters work more efficiently at doing their number one job of protecting your home from rainwater.

Will removing it cause damage?

There are several different methods of roof cleaning, all of which have different benefits and give different finishes and none of which should be undertaken by an amateur. Whilst pressure washing can certainly cause damage if done by the wrong person, on the right type of tiles, carried out by an experienced roof cleaner, it is a very effective method of removing the moss from your roof. We would not recommend the use of bleach on your roof, as although it will kill moss it is very corrosive and will cause damage to any plant life surrounding your home.

When should I remove moss from my roof?

If you have started noticing moss regularly blocking up your gutters or if you can see from ground level that there is a build up of moss on your roof, now is the time to consider having it removed. Before long the moss will spread and get out of control, quickly becoming a much larger job. The summer months, when the weather is dryer, is the best time of year to have the work carried out. It is very dangerous to carry out roof cleaning in wet, windy or icy conditions, so if you are considering having this work done, make sure don’t leave it until the winter and start looking for a professional company to carry out the work for you around spring time.

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