The Best Time To Have My Roof Cleaned

roof cleaning on a dry day

Roof cleaning is a very popular service, with more and more people choosing to improve their homes rather than move. ‘When is the best time to have my roof cleaned’ is a questions we get asked all of the time.


There is no doubt that maintaining a moss free roof will not only improve the look of your home but will also increase the lifespan of your roof. Deciding on the best time to have the moss removed and the tiles cleaned is important for many reasons, not least safety.


The summer months is the best time to have your roof cleaned. The dryer weather, and very little chance of freezing temperatures, make it far safer to carry out roof cleaning work. It also helps that the days are longer, allowing for more to get done in one day.


As safety is number one priority for anyone working on a roof, although we do still carry out roof cleaning work during the winter months, we would never do this if the conditions were hazardous. This means sub-zero temperatures, rainy days or high winds are all reasons that we wouldn’t go ahead with a planned roof clean.


What that means for our customers is that, we can still clean your roof for you in the winter months, you just might need to be a little bit more flexible in terms of the scheduling, or in many cases, rescheduling. Unfortunately we are not in control of the weather but we are in control of working safely at height.


With all this in mind, even in perfect weather conditions, we would not recommend undertaking roof cleaning work yourself. This is a job that is always worth paying a professional to do and certainly something that is never worth cutting corners on. Your roof is your homes biggest asset, it is definitely worth taking care of.

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