The Benefits Of Moss Removal

It’s important to keep your roof moss free to ensure it can function as it’s meant too- to protect your home from the outside elements. Tiles ridden with moss can prevent much needed water drainage. This will ultimately lead to frozen and damaged tiles. Here’s how you can get your moss roof removal sorted.

Why do I need to get my roof cleaned of moss?

Roof tiles can collect and soak up rain water if they are covered in moss. Subsequently, this moisture then turns to ice when temperatures drop causing the tiles to crack. Cracks and holes can then ultimately lead to leaks, causing even more damage. In addition to this, tiles covered in moss and dirt don’t look very nice! We’d recommend getting your roof cleaned if you’re thinking about selling your house. A house with a clean roof is much more appealing than a similar house with a neglected roof!roof moss removal

Moss removal with water

Depending on the level of dirt and moss on your roof, you may not need to use any cleaning products for it to be cleaned. You can use a dirt blaster or pressure washer and specific rotating nozzles make the job even easier. Use a V-Ray washer with a pressure of 80 bar for a roof that’s a little more fragile. Always clean in a downwards direction to minimise the risk of water entering the closures.

Moss removal with moss killer

Your roof may need a roof specific moss killer cleaning agent to do the job. Rinse as stated above. Next add the cleaning agent, applying to the whole roof. Leave the detergent on to work for around an 1 hour depending on the depth of the dirt and moss. After the stated time, the roof will be rinsed once more, subsequently taking all dirt and moss away with it. If you have an older roof we recommend you using a cleaning agent, as they often have irregularities that are hard to clean with just water. It’s important for whoever is carrying out a clean with any cleaning agent to wear protective clothing to avoid any damage to the skin or eyes.

Long-term protection

Once your roof is clean, you can protect it with a moss resistant product to help reduce and restrict the growth in the future. Paint the tiles with an anti-moss coating if the moss persists.

Who and how much?

Roof cleaning carries risks, therefore we’d recommend hiring a professional. A normal moss roof removal will cost £7.50-£12.50 per square metre. With the protective coating this rises to around £25 per square metre. If you decide to D.I.Y, make sure you’re comfortable that your roof isn’t too steep and that you’ve read and understand all instructions to carry out the task. You may need to hire scaffolding, but remember that will add to your costs.

If you’d like a helping hand with your moss removal, get in touch!

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