Roofs ProClean
Roofs ProClean

Not only can a roof covered with dirt and pollutants appear unsightly, a build up of moss can also cause damage to the tiles as well as constant blockages to your guttering system.

We offer a professional roof cleaning service, using a revolutionary air wash system from the ground or gutter level which is every bit as effective as pressure washing, without the associated risks.

Cleaning your roof can help to prevent further cost due to roof repairs or gutter unblocking.

Removing the moss from your roof tiles will drastically improve the look of your home, which in turn can increase the value.

Traditional roof cleaning methods of pressure washing, hand scraping or chemical application carry many associated risks.

By using a combination of compressed air and lightweight tools from ground or gutter level, we are able to effectively clean the roof of your home without standing on your roof.

We consistently achieve fantastic results without the use of harsh chemicals, high pressure water or anyone standing on your roof.

"The transformation is simply amazing.Thank you for a great job done which was perfectly executed."

- Julian

"A very good job done, well pleased with the work carried out. Roof looks like new. The two guys who did the work were very polite, they cleaned up well after doing the work."

- Andrew

"I was so delighted with all the work that was done. I could not be more pleased and if you ever need a recommendation I will be happy to supply it."

- Claudine


No broken tiles as we won't stand on your roof

No water damage to your home as we don't use high pressure water

No danger of stripping the protective layer from your roof tiles

No risk of injury from slips or falls from your roof

No nasty chemicals on your roof as used in a soft wash