roof cleaning will remove all of the dirt and built up moss from these roof tiles
roof cleaning carried out to remove all moss, lichen and fungi.

Not only can a roof covered with dirt and pollutants appear unsightly, a build up of moss can also cause damage to the tiles as well as constant blockages to your guttering system.

We offer a professional roof cleaning service, using different methods, dependant on the type of roof tiles you have.

Cleaning your roof can help to prevent further cost due to roof repairs or gutter unblocking.

Removing the moss from your roof tiles will drastically improve the look of your home, which in turn can increase the value.

Roof moss removal can be a messy business which is why a very important part of our service is the care taken in setting up and the attention to detail once we have finished washing your roof.

​Where possible, items on the ground will be carefully moved and we will cover the area surrounding the house. This will catch a lot of the moss as your roof tiles are cleaned. We will clear and service your gutters as part of the clear up process, making sure that nothing that has come off your roof ends up in your gutters and causes blockages.

Your roof cleaning team will carry out a walk around inspection with you before they leave to ensure that you are not only happy with the result of the roof clean but that your home and garden have been left clean and tidy and as they were when we arrived.

"The transformation is simply amazing.Thank you for a great job done which was perfectly executed."

- Julian

"A very good job done, well pleased with the work carried out. Roof looks like new. The two guys who did the work were very polite, they cleaned up well after doing the work."

- Andrew

"I was so delighted with all the work that was done. I could not be more pleased and if you ever need a recommendation I will be happy to supply it."

- Claudine

Hand Scrape Roof Cleaning

Hand scrape
Hand scrape 1

Hand scraping and brushing your roof tiles will remove a build up of moss and clean the tiles. This method is delivered from roof ladders on the roof and therefore allows a detailed approach.

Hand scraping is suitable for older, fragile roofs with heavy moss build up or for customers who want the tiles cleaned but don't want to drastically change the appearance of the roof.

Pressure Wash Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning will remove all of the moss, lichen and fungi from your roof tiles.
Roof cleaning will remove all the moss from your roof tiles

Controlled pressure wash roof cleaning done by trained, fully insured professionals is a very effective method of removing all moss, lichens and dirt. Working from roof ladders, we always pressure test an area of the roof to ensure it is water tight before starting the pressure wash method.

If you want to make your roof look like new, pressure washing is the best method.