Professional Gutter Cleaning

House gutters full of moss

House gutters full of moss

Professional gutter cleaning might seem like a simple job but there are a number of factors that can make it more challenging that you may first think. Overhanging roofs, steps in the wrong places and full width conservatories are all part of the day to day challenges that face professional gutter cleaners. Houses with sloping driveways or particularly slippery decking are also factors that can make working from a ladder a bit tricky at times. All of these things are why you, and many like you, choose to call on our professional gutter cleaning services rather than try to overcome the challenges yourselves.

So how do we clean your gutters?

Where possible we will always carry out our professional gutter cleaning by hand. What this means is that you will find our gutter cleaners at the top of a ladder using their hands to clear the debris from your guttering. This approach allows us to carry out minor repairs while we are up there, which means that you can be sure when we are finished that your guttering will all be functioning properly. By being up at gutter height, we will notice if two sections of guttering have come apart or if a bracket could do with being tightened. Another reason for working from the top of a ladder is that we are able to carry out a water test. This will allow us to see any leaks or blockages, therefore meaning that we can fix them for you.

What if you just can’t get to it?

Of course, there are times when an area of guttering is just not accessible from a ladder. This could be because of a large conservatory or some uneven ground. It is in these cases that we would use reach equipment, therefore enabling us to still clear those areas of leaves and debris, leaving your gutters and downpipes free of blockages. Even using professional gutter reach equipment is not always straight forward, with overhanging roof tiles, gutter guards installed or even the odd slipped tile that’s landed in the guttering, there is inevitably a challenge somewhere along the lines for a professional gutter cleaning technician.


With all of that said, and all of the challenges we come across, we will always do our best to find a safe and effective way of professionally cleaning your gutters for you. If you’d like to discuss how we can help, simply get in touch.

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