Will Moss Ruin My Roof

Will Moss Ruin My Roof?

By ProClean People | August 1, 2019

Will Moss Ruin my Roof? We are often asked if ‘moss will ruin my roof’ and the short answer is ‘yes’. Nature does not like having to share its land with houses of brick and mortar and is known to vocalise this displeasure in the form of passive-aggressive plants than cause issues for people who…

English Ivy Removal – Why Is It Important?

By ProClean People | July 29, 2019

English Ivy Removal – Why Is It Important? The owner of a home faces numerous challenges. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Perhaps the most challenging of these is ivy. It can present a significant danger to your property in specific situations and requires you to work quickly to remove it. But why…

Gutter Cleaning By Hand

Gutter Cleaning By Hand – The Benefits

By ProClean People | July 25, 2019

  We often get asked about gutter vac systems, not least because there is a significant price difference between gutter cleaning by gutter vac and gutter cleaning by hand.   As we carry out all of our gutter cleaning by hand, we are obviously fans of this method rather than by gutter vac. The truth…

Rain Water Gutters – Five Fun Facts

By ProClean People | July 23, 2019

How much do you know about gutters? Dealing with rain water gutter systems day in and day out, means we get to know the subject quite well. Here are five fun facts about rain water gutters that you might not know… Once upon a time there were rain water gutters found on cars. The idea…

roof cleaning on a dry day

The Best Time To Have My Roof Cleaned

By ProClean People | July 11, 2019

Roof cleaning is a very popular service, with more and more people choosing to improve their homes rather than move. ‘When is the best time to have my roof cleaned’ is a questions we get asked all of the time.   There is no doubt that maintaining a moss free roof will not only improve…

Gutter cleaning and repairs. Blocked gutters, full of moss, grass and leaves.

5 Signs Your Gutters Need Cleaning

By ProClean People | July 8, 2019

In this post we share the 5 signs your gutters need cleaning, so you know what to look out for. It is often difficult to know if your gutters are full of debris as most of us can’t see into them very easily but look out for the signs below and you’ll know when to…

When Should I Remove Moss From My Roof?

By ProClean People | June 27, 2019

Roof moss removal is a subject that splits opinions. Does moss damage my roof? Will removing it cause damage? And, when should I remove moss from my roof? These are all questions that we are asked regularly. Here’s what we think… Does moss damage my roof? Moss absorbs and retains water, so if there is…

Can Ivy Damage The Walls Of Your Home?

By ProClean People | June 24, 2019

It can make a building look very pretty but is ivy damaging the walls of your home? The short answer is, maybe. Whilst ivy roots are not usually strong enough to create cracks in your brickwork, if there are already crevices and cracks in your walls, the roots can take hold. This ultimately means that…

Different Roof Cleaning Methods

By ProClean People | June 20, 2019

  We offer a number of different roof cleaning methods. With varying types of tile, style of roof and customer budgets, we realise that you can’t take a one type fits all approach. Cleaning your home’s most important feature needs some careful consideration.   Our customers come to us with different end results in mind…

Gutter cleaning by hand in Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Norfolk & Suffolk

Professional Gutter Cleaning

By ProClean People | June 17, 2019

Professional gutter cleaning might seem like a simple job but there are a number of factors that can make it more challenging that you may first think. Overhanging roofs, steps in the wrong places and full width conservatories are all part of the day to day challenges that face professional gutter cleaners. Houses with sloping…