fascia and soffits

Everything You Need to Know About Fascia and Soffits

By ProClean People | October 21, 2019

We appreciate at ProClean that you’re not as excited by the idea of fascia and soffits as we are. Understanding your roof a little more, however, could ensure that you pay a little more attention to it in the future, so here’s everything you need to know about fascia and soffits. That, in turn, should…

What roof cleaning involves

What Roof Cleaning Involves?

By ProClean People | October 17, 2019

We often get asked if it is a good idea to have your roof cleaned and what roof cleaning involves. As each day your roof is exposed to the elements, over time, the wind, rain, sun and cold can have a huge impact that you might not necessarily notice. A lot depends on your location…

Prepare Your Home For Winter

Prepare Your Home For Winter

By ProClean People | October 14, 2019

With wet and windy weather beginning to set in and the leaves changing colours, Autumn is with us once again. It’s the perfect time to do a little home health check and prepare your home for Winter. Here’s our quick checklist of things you’ll want to do over the next couple of weeks. 1. Get…

Check your gutters before and after storms

Check Your Gutters Before and After a Storm

By ProClean People | October 10, 2019

Storm damage is probably one of the biggest issues homes and business have to face when it comes to the exterior of their property. We recommend you regularly check your gutters as although one moment you have no worries, the next you can have a major structural problem like missing slates or broken or blocked…

Autumn Is The Best Time To Clean Your Gutters

Autumn is Perfect for Cleaning Your Gutters

By ProClean People | September 10, 2019

  Whether you are a business or homeowner, it can be easy to forget about cleaning the gutters on your property but Autumn really is the perfect time for cleaning your gutters. Over time, a build-up of debris and other problems such as moss and plant growth, however, can block the flow of water, causing…

Why Are Gutters So Important

The Importance Of Gutters

By ProClean People | August 15, 2019

The Importance Of Gutters You might wonder why gutters are such an essential part of your home. It’s a bit of an oddity when you first take a look at it – it just seems to be half a plastic tube stuck to your roof. If you’re not all that familiar with guttering, you might…

Will Moss Ruin My Roof

Will Moss Ruin My Roof?

By ProClean People | August 1, 2019

Will Moss Ruin my Roof? We are often asked if ‘moss will ruin my roof’ and the short answer is ‘yes’. Nature does not like having to share its land with houses of brick and mortar and is known to vocalise this displeasure in the form of passive-aggressive plants than cause issues for people who…

English Ivy Removal – Why Is It Important?

By ProClean People | July 29, 2019

English Ivy Removal – Why Is It Important? The owner of a home faces numerous challenges. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Perhaps the most challenging of these is ivy. It can present a significant danger to your property in specific situations and requires you to work quickly to remove it. But why…

Gutter Cleaning By Hand

Gutter Cleaning By Hand – The Benefits

By ProClean People | July 25, 2019

  We often get asked about gutter vac systems, not least because there is a significant price difference between gutter cleaning by gutter vac and gutter cleaning by hand.   As we carry out all of our gutter cleaning by hand, we are obviously fans of this method rather than by gutter vac. The truth…

Rain Water Gutters – Five Fun Facts

By ProClean People | July 23, 2019

How much do you know about gutters? Dealing with rain water gutter systems day in and day out, means we get to know the subject quite well. Here are five fun facts about rain water gutters that you might not know… Once upon a time there were rain water gutters found on cars. The idea…