Home Repairs: Professional vs DIY

DIY or Home Repairs

When things need patching up or fixing at home it can be tough. Especially when deciding whether you should DIY or call in some help for professional home repairs. Well, here are a few things to consider when weighing up which tasks are DIY home repairs and when you should just kick back, relax and leave it to the pro’s!

Often people think that you can save a whole heap of money if you just Do It Yourself. Our creative side creeps out and thinks “this will be fun”! And the logical part of our brain starts calculating the hundreds of pounds we could save if we just did the job ourselves. Whilst these are two great reasons to DIY, always weigh

up your ability to finish the job correctly and accurately. Most handymen dread the thought of having to come and patch up a bodge DIY job. You could end up spending what you’d originally have paid out for a professional to carry out the job in the first place, as well as your own DIY equipment costs on top!

Firstly, we suggest that you always weigh up the how safe each job is too. External home repairs often include skilled work being completed at great heights and/or with dangerous tools and equipment. Have you done this before? Do you feel confident? These are always great questions to ask yourself before you chose to D.I.Y.


Painting and decorating the exterior of your home carries little risk of damage. If you’ve got a steady hand, why not give this a go yourself rather than calling in a professional! Wooden windows, panels and doors often need refreshing and you could save some pennies if you have the enthusiasm and patience to get stuck in.

Plumbing or Electrics

If the project feels like it has the risk of taking a turn (say, drilling a hole through a water pipe for example), we suggest leaving it to a licensed pro. If the task is electrical, involves plumbing or demolition- call in help. The last thing you want is for the house to come crashing down. Or worse, you hurt yourself in the process!


Finally you should consider time. How much is your time worth? You could save money doing the job yourself but no doubt this will take longer than an experienced professional. And just think, you could be sat back with a cup of tea whilst someone else does the job for you!

If you decide you call in a pro, we can help you narrow down your search.

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