Gutter Cleaning for Factories and Warehouses

Commerical gutter cleaning and repairs for businesses, schools and hotels.

Gutter cleaning can be tough at the best of times for a ‘regular’ size building, but gutter cleaning for factories and warehouses is a whole new challenge. With the wind and rain well and truly here to stay for the next few months, leaves and other debris can and will get caught in factory and warehouse gutters. It’s therefore important that these are removed and gutters are kept clean and clear. This then allows water to flow freely and safely away from the structure of the building. However, there are some challenges when cleaning gutters on such big commercial properties, so we’ve summarised these here for you to help ensure you can get the job completed safely and efficiently. 


Gutters will usually sit at the top of a buildings wall, in line with the start of the roof. Now, more often than not, warehouses and factories are tall buildings, therefore cleaning the gutters will require work to be carried out at height. It’s imperative that you call on a professional to do this for you as they will monitor the required increase in health and safety and ensure all work is done following necessary regulations. 

Access and Equipment 

Access to gutters is always a struggle but combined with large commercial properties being high, they also often have extensive lengths of guttering, some of which are in difficult to reach places. Therefore, another reason we suggest calling on a pro to clean these gutters is that they will have the tools to access those difficult spots, whether that’s with a liveried boom van, a valley walker or a harness with anchor point.  

Some companies may offer to do the job using a power pole. This may work on some occasions and you may feel you are minimising the health and safety risks due to no one having to work from a height. However, you will only jeopardise the gutters being cleaned efficiently. Cleaning from the ground means the person carrying out the job can’t see into the gutter whilst cleaning. This increases the chances that any issues or blockages in the gutter will be left unnoticed. 

Flat roofs 

Many factories and warehouses have flat roofs which can be unsafe to walk on. It’s essential that you get a qualified health and safety specialist to assess the roof. Make sure this is done prior to anyone working on it. 

Has the company carried out warehouse or factory gutter cleaning before? 

For all the reasons listed above, cleaning the gutters of such huge commercial properties comes with lots more risk and therefore responsibility than a house or home. We advise that you check that the company have successfully completed a job of this scale prior to booking them for your warehouse or factory, so you can be confident your gutters are in safe hands. 

We at ProClean carry out professional gutter cleaning for factories and warehouses. Would you like to get a quote?

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