Different Roof Cleaning Methods

Roof moss removal in progress


We offer a number of different roof cleaning methods. With varying types of tile, style of roof and customer budgets, we realise that you can’t take a one type fits all approach. Cleaning your home’s most important feature needs some careful consideration.


Our customers come to us with different end results in mind and different reasons for wanting their roof cleaned. It makes sense then that we would offer different roof cleaning methods.


Probably the most controversial method of roof cleaning is pressure washing. Allowing an untrained, inexperienced amateur on your roof with a pressure washer is unlikely to end well. Applying too much water pressure or not checking the roof first can cause a lot of damage. This is why we carry out a full roof inspection and a pressure test before starting a pressure wash roof clean. If we find damaged tiles or believe that your roof will not withstand pressure washing, we will advise an alternative approach.


The alternative approach may be a hand scrape and brush. This roof cleaning method is carried out from roof ladders and is, in effect, hand cleaning your roof tiles. Removing clumps of moss with a stiff brush or scraper tool is the best method if you don’t want your roof to look as though it is new. This type of roof cleaning is for those who just want to remove a build up of moss for functional reasons.


If you are interested in removing algae and lichen then soft washing would be best for your roof. We are one of only a few Safewash approved companies and hold a City and Guilds qualification to this effect. What this means for our customers, is the knowledge that we will not be applying toxic chemicals to your home. We use an organic, Safewash solution to clean your roof. This poses no risk to your family, pets or the plant and wildlife surrounding your home.


Our most delicate roof cleaning method is our Airwash system. This is delivered from ground or gutter height and is designed for removing moss from delicate roofs. It is a non-aggressive approach to roof moss removal and is considered a specialist service.


Our team are experienced and knowledgable in our different roof cleaning methods and would be happy to tell you more about the benefits of each one.


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