Cleaning Your Fascia and Soffits

fascia and soffits

Do your fascia and soffits need a clean? New homes bring new beginnings. There’s always excitement and lots of joy! But it’s impossible to ignore the stress and pressure that comes when you’ve got to sell your current home before fleeing for bigger and brighter things. You always want to have your best foot forward to get the top price for your home. This includes ensuring the exterior of your property is in tip-top condition too. To give your house that glisten (quite literally!) and attract the eye of a potential buyer, you need clean windows, clean soffits, clean fascia- the lot! This attract buyers visually and can add value to your property.

Yes, clean fascia and soffits can in fact increase the value of your home! It’s been known that homes with fascia and soffits in poor condition to be undervalued by as much as 5%! And new homes are expensive, so 5% is a huge amount of cash. Cleaning and taking care of your fascia and soffits will cost a fraction of that price, I can assure you.

Many people spend lots of time preparing the interior of their homes when selling, however kerb appeal speaks volumes. People are drawn in from the outside. If an owner has taken the time and effort to keep their fascia and soffits in great condition, it shows they have taken care of the home and maintained it well. So as a seller, you’ll have the confidence to share that you’ve loved and looked after the home. You’ll be handing it over to its new owners in excellent condition.

“But I have so many other jobs to do to improve my home, this is a pretty insignificant job in comparison”. Well although the detail of this task may seem somewhat trivial compared to other jobs on your list, the attention to detail here won’t go unrecognised. Anyone valuing your property will look out for these kind of details. Buyers who are comparing a similar property with well-maintained fascia and soffits to one that’s shabby, will be looking for details like these to make their final decision.

So although this is another job to add to your list of things to do, it’s one you won’t regret. We recommend that you call in the help of a professional to carry out the job safely and efficiently. The correct tradesman with have all the right tools to clean whilst at height. Plus, it’s usually pretty inexpensive and means you can focus on those other odd jobs!

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